I bought £150 worth of marked down meat in the supermarket – people say I’m greedy but they’re just jealous | The Sun

THE cost of living crisis is affecting people across the world.

One mum has had to defend herself for buying £150 worth of marked-down meat at the superstore after people called her greedy.

The Australian mum-of-two sparked a debate online when she showed her haul of goodies from the Australian supermarket Woolworths.

Sara, from Bundaberg, Queensland, bought £150 ($270) worth of meat for a mere £32 ($57).

The haul included 10 packets of 500g pork mince, four packets of forequarter lamb chops and salmon, along with corn, chicken pieces and 3kg of prawns, reports the Daily Mail.

Sara shared her haul online but it quickly attracted negative comments from people claiming she was greedy.


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One mum wrote: "'Look I'm glad you got a bargain and all… but me as a mother-of-five and struggling to keep up with my groceries would never take that much just for my family. This is greedy. And I don't care what others say! It's called morals!'

"Sorry but I think it's kind of greedy hoarding all that for yourself when there are others trying to find food items amongst shortages and inflation," another commented.

But Sara quickly updated the post to defend her actions, writing: "To all the nasty people, the lady working was being super friendly to me, giving me nice discounts, I suppose because I was using manners and being super nice.

"I don't understand why all the negative comments, yes I understand, jealousy s*cks. But I am not being greedy, I left plenty for others."

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Sara added that she let other shoppers know food was being discounted and only too kwhat she could afford.

She claims she had to sell two cars in order to have enough money for a home deposit, adding: "You don't know our story, next month we may be homeless.

"So shove your negative thought in your own backside and move along unless you have a positive comment to say. And happy budgeting people."

While some users were unimpressed by Sara's pile of meat, others defended the mum.

One commented: "Anyone saying 'why not leave something for others', there's plenty of people who CAN afford it and they would STILL grab the bargains. Or plenty of others who are in need but are too worries to buy meat so close to expiry."

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"I'd rather a family who really needs it grabs ALL of it!!! And if she left some there's still no guarantee that it would've been snapped up by others in need, it could've also just been thrown out.

"Don't hate on people who are doing it tough and are taking what they need and can. It's not like she robbed a food bank, she bought marked down meat in a supermarket!"

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