I bought a dress with cut-out boobs to wear to the office – people say it’s ridiculous but I don’t care | The Sun

NO one said you're not allowed to spice up your everyday office outfits to be a little funkier, so long as you're still wearing appropriate attire.

In the case of one worker, her definition of "appropriate" seemed to be a bit different as she headed to the office in a dress with cut-out boobs.

Wearing button-up blouses, ankle-length trousers, and ballet flats Monday through Friday can feel repetitive.

But depending on your workplace requirements, you may be able to mix it up with a cute sundress, a pair of jeans, or some fun accessories.

TikTok fashion queen Mira crafted a more casual and a little bit scandalous look for work.

Mira posted a video styling her new dress to wear to the office, and let's just say she definitely didn't find it in the business attire section of Nordstrom.


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Her caption reads: "Get ready with me: Inappropriate office edition."

Mira puts on the $45 The Neon Y2K Dress from Serpenti Apparel.

This sheer hot pink highlighter dress has three cut-outs in the middle, two right under the boobs.

"I do love it, but obviously, it's not something I can wear to the office," Mira admits.

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"Or is it?"

Mira throws a pair of cow print pants over the sheer dress to make it more work appropriate.

However, the cut-outs are still revealing some underboob.

She adds a blue flower necklace and a yellow puffer handbag.

"What do you think? Should I wear it to the office and see what my boss says?" Mira asks her viewers.

"Wish I could wear whatever I want to work," one jealous fan wrote.

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Another viewer said: "This would never fly at my office."

"I’d be fired in 0.2 seconds – you look amazing," an honest individual added.

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