I bought a trailer for £286 and transformed it into my dream home – it's tiny but I’ll never waste money on a flat again | The Sun

THIS woman was sick of forking out loads of money on rent and having to share flats with roommates.

She decided enough is enough and bought a bargain trailer for only £286.

When Hannah bought her vintage trailer from 1985, which she called Journey, she knew she had her work cut out.

Although she admits that the trailer "was in pretty good shape", it needed to be completely gutted and re-wired.

Speaking to Tiny House Giant Journey, Hannah showed off her home and said: "It ended up costing me $9,000 (£7,354) to completely renovate and furnish it."

After three months of renovating it was time to find somewhere to park her new home, which she lives in with her boyfriend and dog.

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Since she works for California state parks, Hannah was able to rent a place to park for just $39 (£32) per month, plus electricity.

When it came to decorating the inside of her tiny home, she had to be very savvy about what furniture she added.

She was able to save money by getting most of her furniture second-hand, including her fridge and kitchen cabinets.

Hannah's bed slides under the floor so that it doesn't take up too much room in the eight foot wide trailer too.

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In a bid to save more money she also added insulated blinds to help regulate the temperature in the trailer.

Keeping the weight of the trailer down was important when decorating, so Hannah decorated using wooden panels with a faux brick design to give to home a more bohemian feel.

She prioritised having a washing machine and tumble dryer as well, which she bagged for only $150 (£122) and squeezed them both in to her small but chic bathroom.

The kitchen is also fully kitted out with everything any home cook could want, it even had additional counter space which can be folded out if needed.

Although the home is small, being able to save money and have somewhere private to spend time away from roommates is so worth it, Hannah says.

She explained: "If you're renting you're just throwing that money to someone else and you're not getting any assets back.

"Building a tiny house, even though it's hard, is worth the grind.

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"I love this space and I never have to leave it, I can take it with me."

She added that she loves having a more minimalist lifestyle now that she has a tiny home, "it puts things into perspective," she said.

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