I bought an Amazon returns pallet & got a drone & 88 cups plus loads more – I’m going to sell them on for a big profit

A WOMAN has revealed how she is hoping to make a comfy profit by reselling items from an Amazon returns pallet.

In a series of posts, TikTok user Taylor and her fiancé are detailing their journey and how much profit they are making along the way.

One video, watched more than 15,000 times, saw the US-based mum share some of the items from their first pallet that got them the most cash.

This included a drone that they sold for an $84 – or £61 – profit, and a security camera that they were able to take home $89 – or £64 – from the sale of.

Another clip saw Taylor detail some of the items they had received in a second pallet.

A fifth generation Apple iPad, a Furbo dog treat dispenser and a Medela breast pump were among the highlights.

I love reselling, I've been doing it for a year

Taylor's posts have received thousands of 'likes', with many asking her for advice on how they can do the same.

One person wrote: "I love reselling, I've been doing it for a year."

Another commented: "Excellent side hustle!!!"

And a third shared: "Looking forward to your journey as entrepreneurs!"


The mum previously revealed that she and her other half got into reselling Amazon items after he lost his job amid the pandemic.

Within 24 hours the couple, who relied on his single income, had bought their first Amazon pallet.

On their first day reselling, they got up at 5.45am to get their Facebook page up and running.

To cope with their expanding business, they have since turned their daughter's playroom into a temporary office.

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