I bought eyelashes from Shein and was horrified with what arrived – there’s no way I can wear them in public | The Sun

BUYING items online can be a gamble as you are never really sure what will arrive.

One woman who learned this the hard way was a Shein shopper who bought a pair of eyelashes from the budget retailer and was horrified with what arrived.

The TikTok account @whatigot_ reposted the woman, who said: “This is ur sign to never buy lashes off of Shein.”

The beauty lover had thought she was getting some luscious lashes for her next special occasion.

However, the pair that arrived were extremely patchy with huge gaps between the wisps.

The TikTok account added: “I think I’d cry…”

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Many people were equally horrified at the “Sheinfail”, and the video has racked up over 1,000 likes.

One person wrote: “Cut them.”

Another added: “I've actually got some DAMN GOOD lashes from shein before but I know it's always a 50/50 shot that I get garbage.”

However, one die-hard fan commented: “I've gotten lush ones from there many times. Alwaysss read reviews.”

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