I busted my boyfriend looking at half-naked women on his phone using my mirror – he lied & said it was ‘exotic cars’

A GIRL has shared the genius way she busted her boyfriend for looking at half-naked women on his phone.

She strategically placed a compact mirror by her feet that caught the phone's reflection so she could see her boyfriend checking out bikini-clad girls – little did he know that when he said he was browsing through "exotic cars", she knew he was lying.

The girl and her boyfriend were lying in bed and her feet were up on the pillow next to his head.

Wanting to see what her boyfriend was looking at while he was so engrossed in his phone, she cleverly placed a compact mirror on her feet, positioned towards him so she could see the screen in its reflection.

The trick meant she could see absolutely everything her boyfriend was scrolling though, including multiple pictures of half-naked girls that he'd stop and zoom in on.

TikTok user @tiffanykristenxo filmed the moment she caught her boyfriend red-handed, with the clip racking up over 15.6million views.

She's heard asking her boyfriend, who thinks she can't see his screen, what he's looking at.

"Cars," he told her, with the girlfriend then pressing: "What kind of cars?"

He replied: "Exotic cars… I've always wanted one. I'm thinking of getting one, my car's getting old."

The whole time he's staring at another girl in her bikini and when the girl asks to see what car he's looking at, he quickly pulls up a picture of a blue car to show her, before getting up the bikini pics once again when he thinks his phone is out of view.

As he zooms in on a picture of a girl in a red bikini, the girl casually calls him out, telling him: "Wow, that one in red is really nice."

It's safe to say he looked more than shocked.

Her post sparked a big debate among people, as some likened the guy's actions to cheating, while others insisted he hadn't done anything wrong.

"Omg the way you kept your composure. My blood was boiling for you. Lusting is the same as cheating, I said what I said," commented one person.

A third wrote: "For the people saying it isn't cheating, for some people it is. Different people have different boundaries and things they consider cheating."

However, others disagreed, with one person posting: "I don't get why other girls get so mad over guys looking at girls pics on PUBLIC APPS?? Like I be looking too, are y'all really that insecure?"

One more quizzed: "Am I the only lady in these comments that doesn't mind if my husband looks at stuff like this?"

Another claimed: "It is not cheating but it is straight DISRESPECT."

"For the people saying it isn't cheating, for some people it is. Different people have different boundaries and things they consider cheating," wrote one more.

The bloke's actions definitely left some people riled up, with one person confessing: "This makes me mad at mine and he ain't even done nothing."

Another shared: "I ain't even dating no one and now I'm mad at my dog."

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