I caught my husband spying on me as he drags on our divorce – I finally confronted him

A WOMAN recounted the story of how she caught her husband stalking her while they were in the process of divorce.

“I’m doing this because I want it on record for the world to see – just in case,” wrote the anonymous woman, known only as “Marine Corps Ex-Wife."

Over two months ago, the writer says that she and her husband were in a courtroom for their divorce trial. A month later, they received the judge’s letter.

The writer received the letter via email from her attorney, who she called to know how to prepare for the contents.

“Her answer was, ‘After I read it, I was smiling from ear to ear.’” wrote the author.

“I felt relief as I sat at my desk, surrounded by remnants of documents, binders, and spreadsheets: the remaining tokens of work I’d done to get out of my marriage while trying to prove my worth to the world.”

She claims her husband stated multiple times that he did not want the marriage, but then says that he only didn’t want it until she also didn’t want it.

The writer filed for divorce after a year of separation. She said the process had been freeing but that it has also “been a nightmare. It’s been very difficult to divorce.”

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She then gives her side of the story.

The writer explains that in Virginia, the next step after receiving the ruling letter is to put the information into a Final Order of Divorce or “the mother of all divorce documents.”

The order is needed for everything from taxes, name changes and division of assets.

Because of this, the writer and her attorney spent hours creating a letter to address everything that needed clarification and sent it two days after receiving the ruling letter.

However, the writer says that she received nothing after that. Less than two weeks later, still with no communication, she and her attorney sent a draft of the Final Order of Divorce.

Again, nothing happened until a week before their scheduled court date, one that the writer said most people don’t need “because all this mundane bulls*** gets settled before long without another hearing required.”

She said that she and her soon-to-be-ex-husband agreed that there was no need for the hearing. However, the next day, her husband’s attorney said that the court date was required.

Because of this, the writer had to pay the legal fees with money that she doesn’t have and says that her ex knows that.


She then claims that she knows her husband watches her house because she’s seen him before.

“At first, I ignored it thinking he’d get tired when he realized there was nothing to watch. The only entertainment was the activity of two aging dogs relieving themselves in the dog run that is exposed to the public where he sits in his car and lurks,” she wrote.

The writer believed that her husband would grow bored of watching her, however, it did not. She says that he’s even paid for a private investigator and that he goes more than an hour out of his way to watch her.

“I saw how he does it.

“He enters the street from the farthest entrance from where my house resides, which allows him to find a spot on the curb without having to drive by the house and accidentally be noticed. 

“It lets him sit there — unrushed — boldly stalking me and building the story he’s telling himself while waiting for some sort of confirmation.”

However, the writer said that she didn’t “back down” during the most recent time she saw him. She says she spent the day speaking with her attorney about their tragedy for the hearing.

After speaking with her attorney, she left the house later than normal to go out for a run.

“Within a couple of minutes of stepping out the door and making my way down the sidewalk, I saw my ex-husband's car enter the street. I saw him park, the wrong way, along the curb. I kept walking toward him. When he saw me see him, he became a coward.”

The writer claims that her husband drove past her to exit the subdivision instead of facing her. 

“I spent over 20 years being convinced that I was crazy. But I saw him. And even though it’s scary and creepy, yesterday he gave me the gift of validation.”

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She ends her post by stating that she isn’t crazy and she knows that now.

“If you’re reading this, soon-to-be ex-husband, I’ll see you in court on Monday.”

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