I cleared the shelves of two of my local Aldi stores – people might say I’m selfish but it made me £850, here’s how | The Sun

A MAN has revealed the super simple way he made a whopping £850 in just 'one hour' after shopping in Aldi.

Jack Bayliss of Aftermarket Arbitrage explained how he spotted that Aldi were selling label makers for just £14.99 each.

The reseller, who claims to be the UK’s number one for Amazon FBA and earning money online, decided to clear the shelves so he could flog them on Amazon for an impressive profit.

He managed to pick up a total of 52 units after visiting two Aldi branches.

And when he looked on Amazon, he noted that he saw they were being sold for £37 each.

Sharing his money-making tip, he told how he decided to increase the prices to make him a respectable £16 profit on each sale, after fees.


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Taking to TikTok (@aftermarketarbitrage), he explains: "The other week I nipped into Aldi and saw these label makers at £14.99 each.

"I managed to secure a total of 24 units just from this one Aldi alone.

"So I went to the next Aldi 10 minutes away to see if I can clear another store.


"And what do you know? We hit another goldmine…the label makers are selling on Amazon at £37 each leaving £16 profit after fees…times that by the 52 units I secured."

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The post has sine gone viral, racking up a whopping £790k views and several comments from social media users.

"This is great, no wonder people can't just go and buy the thing. They have to pay so much more now," wrote one.

A second penned: "Great so no one else can get one."

A third commented: "Noooo… you have only bought them in 1h. Now you have to sell them."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Hold on…..you have to sell them to make the money!

"Not buy something that generally sells for more!Sitting on them for weeks or months."

And one more chimed in: "Aldi really should have allowed a max amount per customer."

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