I couldn’t figure out why my son’s hair kept on getting shorter and then I found out the truth and was stunned | The Sun

A MUM has been left in shock after discovering why her toddler’s hair has been getting increasingly shorter and uneven in time. 

Breez Harley is a mum to Lander and regularly posts about their family life on her TikTok account. 

And after her boyfriend cracked the code behind her son’s mystery haircuts, she couldn’t help but post about it. 

“Okay so my baby has like long hair and he’s a boy,” she told viewers. “And I’ve been noticing his bangs look like someone cut them.

“I was like what the heck, what is going on… They keep getting shorter and shorter. Like, you look like you have a mullet. 

“And then my boyfriend sends me this video while I’m at work…” 


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The scene then changed to the clip her partner sent her as he walked through a room towards the young boy, who stood by a cage with guinea pigs inside. 

“You see Lander… He put his head right here,” he said, pointing at the edge of the cage. “And the guinea pigs…”

Lander was then seen resting the side of his head against the cage, demonstrating what the man said. 

“The [guinea pigs] come along and they’ve been chewing on his hair,” he continued. “Look how uneven his bangs are.

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“I’m pretty sure the guinea pigs have been giving him a haircut, because Breez said, ‘I did not cut his bangs and they look so uneven’. 

“I have a feeling the guinea pigs have been giving him a haircut. See? Watch.” 

He then zoomed in as Lander rested his head back against the cage as the guinea pig began nibbling on the side of his hair. 

“Yep, it’s them!” he said. “I’ve watched a chunk of hair just go under.”

He then urged the young tot to “get your head away from there” as he’ll go “bald”. 

Viewers were left in hysterics as one person wrote: “Of all the explanations, this one never crossed my mind,” with laughing emojis. 

Another said: “if it wasn’t on camera no one would believe it,” as a third shared: “Hilarious!!!”

A fourth commented: “this is the funniest cuteness story too cut thank you for sharing,” with a laughing emoji. 

While a fifth joked: “Can I make an appointment for tomorrow I need a trim”. [sic] 

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