I decided to try for another baby after having triplets & got a shock when I got to the docs – I've got my work cut out | The Sun

A MUM of triplets was left stunned when she ended up pregnant with triplets AGAIN.

The woman took to TikTok to share a video of herself with her kids, as she wrote: "When my body decided to go for round two and have triplets again."

Not only that, but the babies were the "same gender, boy girl girl".

Tragically, she lost one of the babies, but she's now mum to five kids under the age of five.

And the comments section was quickly flooded with remarks from other parents, many of whom were mums of multiples.

"As a triplet mom my eyes got huge and I think I stopped breathing for a minute," one wrote.

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"Are you alright? I don’t think you’re ok.

"You’re probably not ok."

"Every time I’m struggling with my two I will remember this could have happened," another added.

"Thank you for your sacrifice!"

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"i took one for the team," the mum replied.

"I had twins and then triplets. 2 sets of triplets is wild!" someone else wrote.

"As a mother of multiples. You are a superhero cause GURL," another added.

While another comment read: "Twin mum here. New fear unlocked."

"I would most definitely get my tubes tied after the first set," someone else said.

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