I feared Christmas was ruined when my kids spotted their presents on our doorstep – I had to think fast & hope it wasn't | The Sun

KEEPING presents hidden from children is one of the hardest parts of the run-up to Christmas.

And one dad was left panicking when he arrived home with his two daughters to find a huge gift on the doorstep – in its original packaging so his girls could easily see what it was.

"Oh my goodness!" the little girl could be heard squealing as she saw the huge pink box, while her sister ran over to take a look, in the video shared on TikTok.

Dad Frank then realised the delivery error, as he shouted to his girls: "Close your eyes, close your eyes, close your eyes."

"Oh what the f**k? Close your eyes, get inside, that is not for you, that is not for you, that's the wrong house."

He suggested that the present was ordered by the girls' grandmother as he continued: "Goddamit Grandma.

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"Get inside, you did not see that. You did not see that!"

"S**t. Really? That's what they send it in?" he added, referring to the lack of attempt to conceal the parcel's contents.

"The problem with ordering online when you have kids," he wrote over his video.

"I panicked I didn’t know what to say," Frank added in the caption.

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Other parents quickly weighed in on the situation, with one writing: "Not for you it’s the wrong house hahaha."

"Now you gotta take it out of the box and put something weird in the box and wrap it so when she opens it she’s confused," another added.

"Lol Dad did not play it cool," a third commented.

To which Frank replied: "No I did not lmao I was in full panic mode."

As someone else wrote: "Lesson learned, make sure to click 'send in Amazon packaging' when going through the purchasing process!"

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