I feed my family-of-four using yellow-sticker deals – I got £30 of M&S food for a fiver and NEVER pay full price

A THIFTY mum has revealed how she feeds her family-of-four on a budget and will never pay full price for food -and shared her massive M&S grocery haul which she got for just £5 .

Roxanne McClure is just one of many who race to supermarkets just as staff are slapping on "yellow stickers" – meaning food is being marked down heavily in price.

The savvy shopper is a member of the Yellow sticker family cooking Community Facebook group and often shares her weekly food hauls – which are always yellow-sticker items saving her a fortune.

Earlier this month, Roxanne shared how she bagged a range of baked goods, meats, frozen items and a selection of fruit and vegetables all for less than £5 from the high-end supermarket – which was more than enough to feed her entire family.

It wasn't the only time she struck gold though, and her bargain-hunting ways aren't limited to just M&S food shops.

Just this month, Roxanne revealed that she also hit up Co-op and Tesco for heavily discounted items – and walked out with bags of cheap buys.

Posting in the same popular group, she wrote: "Few bargains today the cheese was not yellow sticker but £1 for a kilo it was a bargain all this for £4.36 usualy £12.55."

The snaps showed endless amounts of fruit and veg for as little at 19p, plus a whole bag of cheese for just £1.

Meanwhile, her most recent Co-op shop saw her pick up £36.56 worth for £9.18 – including multiple packets of minced meat and a yummy pork shoulder to roast.

Whether or not you manage to spot some amazing deals depends entirely on the time and day you shop.

Many members of the group say every supermarket is different, but asking the staff when the yellow-ticket items hit the shelves helps.

Previously speaking with Fabulous, mum-of-two and creator of the cost-cutting Facebook group, who asked not to be named, said you couldn't expect the same experience in every store.

She said: "I recommend to look at the reductions area when you go shopping and see what sort of reduction has been done and gauge from that whether it's too early or too late.

"It doesn't hurt to ask a store colleague who may be able to offer some insight. Obviously yellow sticker shopping isn't practical for everyone. Also it cannot be guaranteed anything will be available at the time or day you go shopping."

She also revealed some others ways to save as well as some simple recipes to feed the entire family.

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