I found an 'angel' in my aubergine 14 years ago and keep it in my freezer – I can't bare to throw it away | The Sun

A MUM was stunned to discover the outline of an angel — in an aubergine.

Maya Rana was making a curry when she discovered the holy outline running through her venerated veg. 

And just like Robbie Williams’ 1997 hit Angels has for millions of fans, it has given her “a lot of love and affection” for the past 14 years — as she has kept it in the freezer.

The 54-year-old bus driver described the find as a “miracle”.

She said: “I was just chopping and all through the thing, every slice, there was the same outline. 

“To me, straight away, it looked like an angel. 

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"I’ve still got it after all these years. I can’t bear to throw it away.”

Maya, from Leicester, said she thinks it is a “sign that angels are with me”.

It appeared when she started doing reiki —  Japanese energy healing — after a pal told her it had made her dream of angels.

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