I found out my boyfriend was cheating when a girl sent me his dating profile… we were in bed together at the time

ONE woman has revealed how she knew her boyfriend was cheating when she confronted him as he is such a bad liar.

Meghan Wainwright, from Toronto, Canada, knew her boyfriend was guilty by his reaction, including how he tried to buy her a diamond ring immediately after.

Megan took to her TikTok account to explain how the couple were in a long-distance relationship, and she was a week and a half into a two-week trip when she was contacted by a girl who said her boyfriend was cheating.

Posting under the domain @theblondeinpink she said "We were in bed cuddling when I decided to check my email, and this email is at the top of my inbox."

The email subject line read "Matching with your boyfriend on Hinge tonight."

The sender claimed to be a woman who follows Megan on Instagram and knows what her boyfriend looks like, and thus recognised him when he saw him on Hinge that day.


The woman also claimed that she had commented on a photo of Megan's man that day, to see if his account was active, and he had replied.

She woman also sent a screenshot of the man's profile showing the comment he had just made.

"I'm like surely this is a mistake, I'm positive that there's an explanation. I say to him, I'm going to read this email out loud to you, and have you look at the screenshot, I just want you to react to it" said Megan.

"I read it out loud and I am waiting for the explanation but his reaction makes my heart immediately sink because I'm like, oh no he's lying" she added.

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The screenshot showed that the man's comment on Hinge was made from earlier that day when Megan was out with her friend.

"He just keeps repeating 'I'm not on dating apps and I'm like well what is this girl showing me," said Megan.

Adding: "I said I'm gonna message this girl and her friend who had also DM'd me with the screen recording of his Hinge profile on Instagram. And he is like 'baby you're scaring me' so at that point I'm like I need to be separate from you.'

Megan locked herself in the bathroom and started googling how commenting worked on Hinge and it was then she realised her boyfriend was on the app earlier that day.

In her part two video, she explains how "he kept just saying he deleted the apps, he wasn't even trying to come up with a lie or an excuse, and at this point, I start to panic a little bit and I say 'bring me your phone."

The woman redownloaded Hinge, which said the man was permanently banned from the app, then she downloaded Raya which was another dating app.

"I open up the app and there are dozens and dozens and DOZENS of messages. Messages at least once a day, from multiple girls, the entire time that we were together" said Megan.

Adding: "And messages from as early as the night before on this two-week trip before I came into town to visit him for the holidays."

The woman started taking videos of the messages and also recording what her boyfriend was saying from outside the bathroom door.

Megan explained: "At this point, I've caught him in the lie, I'm holding the evidence in my hand, and he continued to say 'I'm not on dating apps, I'm in love with you, I would never cheat on you."

"There is literally a message from December 7th from a girl asking when are you coming to New York and you asked if there is a couch you could sleep on her couch, this is the night before I came into town" she added.

I open up the app and there are dozens and dozens and DOZENS of messages. Messages at least once a day, from multiple girls, the entire time that we were together."

In part three, Megan explains how It was 2 am on a Friday night when everything went down, and she was not due to fly out from Chicago to Toronto until Wednesday,

Megan called her sister and they decided to organise a hotel, with her sis telling her to pack up her things, so she starts frantically packing.

"All while he is in my face saying, I would never cheat on you, I'm not on the dating apps. I literally hold up his phone, I hold up the video from December 7th. Gaslighters are crazy" said Megan.

In part four Megan said her boyfriend tried to start quilting her into staying saying that he has bought her a diamond ring.

"He's like 'how could I be cheating on you, I stayed in on a Friday night doing your laundry' and 'I was hoping that tomorrow when we open our Christmas, presents my gift was really gonna show you how much I love you because I got you a diamond ring'" said Megan.

Megan added: "How did I manage to attract this type of crazy?"

The post has been viewed over 399k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"I don’t get people who think they can sneakily have dating profiles as if women won’t go above and beyond to let another woman know" commented one person.

Another added: "Isn’t it hilarious when you literally have a screen recording of the profile and they still swear it’s not them??"

"Babe I love you I'm so sorry this happened but god bless your storytelling abilities" commented a third.

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