I go from a 3 to a 10 when I take off my hoodie – trolls slam me but I love stripping off & wearing 'McDonald's' bikinis | The Sun

A CONTENT creator has transformed the way she looks after deciding to ditch a comfy hoodie for her bikini.

The influencer, known as Coke Bottle Kim, proudly showed off her red and yellow swimwear outfit that she dubs her “McDonald’s uniform”, but she has been cruelly trolled online.

One clip showed her posing in front of the mirror wearing a blue, comfy sports hoodie in her room before she swapped it for swimwear.

She shared how her appearance changes and claimed that people say she goes from a "three to a ten".

But, the content creator has been cruelly trolled online by viewers.

One said: “Five and I’m being generous."

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I’m a lifeguard – people say I go from a 3 to 10 when I’m in my uniform

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Another viewer ranked the woman between a score of three and six.

And, a third critic claimed she was still a three regardless of the outfit change.

The influencer revealed that one of her bikinis is red and yellow– the hues of the fast food chain McDonald's

She joked that it was her “uniform”, sending fans wild.

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One said: “Damm that’s nice.”

Another commented: “Beautiful and very nice.”

One fan joked: “I’m loving it” – a nod to the fast-food chain’s iconic slogan.

The content creator also painted her toenails a shade of bright yellow so they matched the outfit.

Meanwhile, The Sun revealed how a lifeguard named Angelica shared her glow-up after changing from her everyday outfit to her work attire.

The TikToker explained: "People say I go from a 3 to a 10 in my work clothes."

In her video, Angelica can be seen wearing an oversized black knit sweater.

She then switched to her work uniform, which consists of a swimsuit and shorts.

Angelica's followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the glow-up.

"My jaw just fell off from the shock," wrote one viewer.

Another user said: "You’re a 10 all day everyday beautiful."

And, a third fan said Angelica scored a 10 regardless of the clothes that she wears.

TikTok star Penelope Squeeze claimed people say she goes from a five to a 10 when she dons a bikini.

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