I got £55 worth of food for £3.50 thanks to a savvy app – I couldn’t believe how much stuff I was given

IT'S the app that allows people to get tonnes of food for just a fraction of the shop cost.

And one woman has stunned TikTokers by revealing the incredible £55 haul of sushi she picked up on the app for just £3.50.

"£3.50 for all of this!!! Love love love it!!!" Tinisha wrote on the video.

She picked up the bag from her local YO! Sushi, and went through each item inside for the purposes of her video.

First up, a pot of edamame beans, which usually costs £2.70 from the store, which Tinisha gave a rating of 4 out of 10.

Next up was some Kaiso Seaweed (£3.70), which she rated 3 out of 10, and two boxes of Yasai rolls – which usually cost £6.90 a box.

They were rated seven out of 10 by Tinisha, who also received two boxes of Spicy Chicken Katsu rolls – £7.40 each in stores – and her favourite, a box of the Yo rolls.

Concluding the haul, Tinisha received two Maxi Mix boxes, which usually go for £6.70 a pop.

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She rated those six out of 10.

In the comment section of the video, some people admitted they'd tried Too Good to Go bags from YO! Sushi themselves, but with less success.

"You’re so lucky, i only got 2 small boxes !!" one person wrote.

"How is that £3.50?" another person added.

Tinisha then returned to the comments to offer others "a little tip", writing: "They usually upload it 15 minutes after the store’s final pick up time the night before.

"E.g. if I want to pick up on Tuesday, I go on the app at 10pm Monday night because the final pick up is 9:45pm on Monday (At least my stores times are- yours might be diff)."

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