I got a tattoo of lips on my leg…turns out I was allergic to the ink, the infection was so bad the thing peeled off

A TATTOO lover was left mortified after her new inking peeled off due to a brutal allergic reaction.

There have been countless inking horror stories – but none quite match what the TikTok user Sharon (@spazzashazzi) went through, as she shared the gut-churning experience on social media.

In a video, which has since taken the internet by storm, racking up a whopping 4.4 million views in just two days, the Aussie woman warned that the ending was so bad, the horrifying snaps were not for the ''weak guts''.

According to Sharon, she got a tattoo of red lips biting a bullet just above her right ankle – but although she was happy at start, things took a sharp turn pretty soon afterwards.

A rather gruesome photo she had taken a while after revealed what Sharon claimed were the first signs of infection and rejection.

Although she didn't specify the timeframe, the allergic reaction can usually become present between 48 hours or even a few weeks after the appointment.

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But things only got worse, as Sharon shared more photos of the brutal infection, with appeared to look like liquid – both light brown and transparent – oozing from the skin.

With the fresh tattoo no longer anything like what it did at the start, the ink lover then proceeded to cover it with a clear plaster.

But whilst it did appear to help with controlling the nauseating discharge and speeding up the healing process, the nasty allergic reaction had caused the area of the inked skin to come off.

Halfway through the grim clip, Sharon revealed the shocking aftermath, as she was holding the tattooed part of her skin in the palm of her hand.

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All still perfectly intact, the tattooed lips looked like a drawing cut out from paper, with some bits of skin still around.

Despite a full layer of crusty skin having peeled off, there was still a faint picture of the tattoo on her ankle – this, Sharon revealed in another video, she decided to get covered up.

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''FYI [for your information] my artist was amazing throughout the whole process including the cover up,'' the ink lover added in the caption of the video.

Now, Sharon had learned her lesson and instead of going for a colour ink – she believed this has triggered the brutal reaction with the first time around – the Aussie opted for a shaded black and white tat.

The new inking, she revealed, depicted the famous creepy face from the horror movie, The Exorcist.

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Significantly larger than the initial tattoo, Sharon's fresh ink now covered all of the right side of her right leg below the knee.

Finally happy with the results, the Aussie described them as ''f****n awesome''.

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