I got my brows laminated on the cheap and it was a total fail – it felt like my face was on fire and it scabbed over | The Sun

A YOUNG woman was left with her eyebrows scabbing over after getting them laminated went sour. 

Priscilla Zhou urged people to “always do your research” before having chemicals lathered on your face as she regrets naively jumping into a supposed beauty bargain. 

“I’ve never been a fan of my eyebrows, and so I thought, ‘why not? Let’s go get brow lamination for $55’,” she started. 

“Yes, you heard that right – $55.

“And I thought to myself, this is either gonna be the best deal I’ve ever scored or I’m gonna come out looking real f****d up.”

Priscilla recorded herself getting the lamination done and said once the perming chemicals went on was “where things started to go very south”.

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“So the skin above my eyebrows starts to burn,” she continued.

“Like, it literally feels like it’s on fire.

“This is when I should have told her to stop but I kept going, even talking into getting an eyebrow tint.”

After the appointment, Priscilla realised the skin above her eyebrows had sizzled off.

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She used ice packs and gentle creams to reduce the swelling and burning.

After doing some research, the content creator realised that her skin was chemically burned due to using retinol in her skincare routine.

Priscilla shared her experience on TikTok and people jumped into the comments to call out the brow artist – who should have checked her skincare routine before the treatment.

“The person who did your eyebrows should have checked if you were using retinol,” one said. “Who did mine asked me lots!”

“They’re supposed to do a patch test 24 hours before to make sure you don’t get a reaction to the glue or the lamination,” a second viewer warned.

“Please go to a brow artist who actually specialises in the service,” a third urged. “It wasn't just due to you being on retinol.

“There were a lot of red flags.”

Brow lamination is a perm for the eyebrows.

It uses chemicals to change hair texture so that the strands can be manipulated into a certain shape. 

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The treatment has been hailed by people with sparse, irregular growing and thin brows as the ultimate solution for a fluffier and groomed look.

It involves two solutions – the first is brushed through the brow to make them softer and more malleable, while the second solution “laminates” them into a desired position.

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