I got Turkey Teeth – it was the worst mistake of my life, I have never been in so much pain and they look ridiculous | The Sun

A WOMAN shared that flying to Turkey to get veneers was the "worst decision" she had ever made.

TikToker Mel, 35, regularly shares about her journey with her teeth on social media.

She explained how much she regretted getting so called "Turkey teeth" after finding the process very painful.

The short video started with a clip of Mel flying over Turkey with the caption: "Turkey teeth – worst thing I ever done!!!"

She the showed a picture of herself unconscious while undergoing the procedure.

The tanned holidaymaker was wearing a net on her hair and a hospital gown.

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I got Turkey Teeth after being ashamed of mine, everyone says the same thing

I got Turkey teeth & don’t care if I regret them…I think they look good

She had her nose plugged and a tube coming out of her mouth.

In the final frame, she showed herself with the end result – a blindingly white set of nashers.

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Mel added the comment: "Why did I ever get these? Worst mistake ever!! So many gaps, so much pain."

The video quickly went viral and has now racked up more than 700k likes and just shy of 10k comments.

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One person said: "I was tempted, even had a few consultations. It's a defo NO for me now.

"Sorry you went through this."

Another said: "Thank you for sharing, I was actually going to do this, I won't now. I'm sorry this happened to you."

To which Mel said: "So glad I could change your mind! They really are not worth the money or the pain."

A third person said: "Do your research and don't be fooled by the really cheap options. I love mine and had a great experience."

Another said: "Sorry this happened to you, but thanks for raising awareness.

"So sad to see so many people ruin their teeth because of lack of research."

While a pro added: "Dental ceramist here. I always try and dissuade patients from going with the 'toilet bowl white'."

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