I grew my hair to 5ft after I went grey at 13 – now people offer to pay to LICK it

HER hair is the envy of thousands of women worldwide.

But that wasn't always the case for Anna Shepherd, who was bullied at school when she first started going grey at the age of 13.

However, instead of letting the criticism get her down, Anna turned to folklore to help her embrace her greying locks, and grew them to five foot in length.

"I begged my mother to let me dye my hair when I began going grey. I was so sad and worried that I would look old," she said in one of her Instagram videos.

"I felt extremely self-conscious all the time. People would stare at my strands of grey hair and I would get remarks about it.

"But over time, I learned to love my grey hair and it became an extension of myself."

Now, she only washes her hair once a month, rarely brushes it and hasn't had a haircut since she was 14.

And all the work she's put in to maintaining such luscious hair has paid off, as Anna has almost 17,000 Instagram followers – some of whom have some bizarre requests.

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After she was asked by a male admirer if he could pay to lick her hair, Anna – who works as a farmer in Hungary – was left "lost for words".

And despite having to deal with some odd asks, Anna is proud to be a role model for other women with prematurely greying hair.

"I used to get picked on or stared at for my grey hair but now I only get compliments," she said.

"I feel honoured when women write to me saying that they've found the courage to go grey because of me.

"It fills my heart with happiness. There's definitely a stigma with young women having grey hair and I'd love to help change that."

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