I had the perfect baby name but now I’m worried about the stupid nicknames & everyone I know called it is an idiot

A MUM-TO-BE expressed concern about her choice of baby name after considering all the different silly nicknames that people could give her child.

She also felt that all the people she knew with the same name were idiots so wasn't sure if she should use it.

The concerned mum suggested that the classic boy's name "Tom" could be a poor choice.

Taking to Mumsnet, she said: "Tom connotations putting anyone off?

"Okay it may be hormones but…Tom Riddle? Tom tit? Tom foolery?


"I could go on, has this put anyone off the name and should it put me off this name (would be Thomas on birth certificate but only called Tom)."

Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to jump in with their opinions and they didn't agree with the mum-to-be.

One person said: "Tom is a lovely name! I’ve known a few of different ages. I never think of those things you mentioned!"

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Another agreed: "Have known lots of Toms and none of those 'connotations' have ever occurred to me, or I would imagine anyone else."

A third said: "Ive got a Thomas and I think you are overthinking it. There are a lot of Tom words I'd imagine because it has been a very popular name for hundreds of years I know Tom is in a lot of nursery rhymes for example."

Another suggested that she may want to steer away from the name for a different reason.

They said: "The only thing that would put me off is how many there are. My [daughter's] boyfriend, my close friend's husband and two of my close work colleagues are called Tom and I regularly have to use last initials (luckily all different) to differentiate between them.

"I'm a teacher and there are always at least five Toms in every year group in school.

"I've literally never heard any of them referred to using any of these negative connotations. It's a great name which is why it's so popular, and has been forever!"

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