I had two babies in 10 months but I’m still a size 6 – people always want to know how… it’s all to do with the kids | The Sun

SHE'S constantly asked how she maintains her trim size six figure.

And Belinda Haddad has revealed staying slim is all down to her kids.

"POV: how are you a size 6 after having 2 kids 10 months apart," Belinda wrote over a video on TikTok.

In the clip, she was seen wearing a skimpy shirt and a white skort with heels on, as she pushed one of her children up a hill in the pram.

"My 3 boys are my daily gym workouts," she captioned her video.

Belinda is mum to sons Milan, Marco and Mariano with husband Alex.

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She quickly earned compliments in the comments section, with one writing: "Goals!"

"You look amazing," another added.

"10 months apart! oof Mine are 18mths and it's a lot!" someone else commented.

To which Belinda wrote: "It’s honestly a lot and very very tiring but I keep saying to myself that this will pass and it’s all so worth it."

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"My question is how u are walking up a hill and pushing a pram while wearing high heels at the same time?!?!" another person asked.

"It was definitely hard work," Belinda replied.

She added in response to another comment that she was only wearing heels because she was on her way to a party.

"This might be why you toned, but be serious," another comment read.

"You’re a size 6 cause of genetics mostly. Congrats anyway."

"Are we flexing….. I’ve had 7 kids and I’m a size 8," someone else wrote.

While another sighed: "mine are 10 months apart where’s my size 6 body?"

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