I hate wearing bras but my grandma is not impressed – she doesn’t understand the ‘evolution’ | The Sun

AN ASPIRING musician is challenging long-held views on the bra.

Ditching the bra is being embraced by a generation of younger women, including TikToker Madeleine May .

But she has got her work cut out.

Her grandma is not impressed by her grandaughter's choices.

The bra may have been an essential part of a woman's wardrobe for centuries, but that is evolving.

Not everyone is keeping up with these changes, however.

Madeleine's posts usually feature her flexing her vocal cords.

Yet it is going braless that has caught her grandma’s attention.

But change is abreast as Gen Z chooses to go braless.

They no longer see this underwear item as particularly necessary.

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Despite the age divide and difference of opinion, Madeleine has a bit of fun with her grandma's attitude.

In her post, Madeleine is braless and captions it with: “Me every time I visit my grandma with no bra on.”

Finally, to capture the drama of her grandma's shock, the chimes of iconic Big Ben ring out in the background, home to the House of Commons, and a voiceover says: “What on Earth is happening in the House of Commons.”

The House of Commons is home to the UK's Parliament, responsible for making laws and checking the work of the Government.

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