I hated my kids carrying beach into the car & our home after going to the beach – but my easy trick is a lifesaver

AS the weather gets warmer, many people are dreaming of tan lines and sunshine-filled days.

If you happen to be bringing your kids to the beach, a mother revealed an easy trick to keep the sand at the beach and away from your car.

The savvy mother, Lauren Clutter, recommended people use baby powder to help remove sand from their or their children's skin before entering the car.

"You're gonna wanna bring a thing of baby powder and then just put it into a sock and just tie a knot in it," she explained in a video showing the process.

"And then if you've got sand on your feet or legs that you wanna wipe off before getting in your car or putting your shoes on, just use the sock to rub all of the sand and your feet will be totally clean and they'll be super soft."

Viewers were thrilled with the seemingly easy hack.

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"Omg what a simple idea yet one that I will be doing this summer. I love it," one impressed user commented under the video.

"This is genius!!!" another enthusiastically stated.

"I knew about the baby powder, but it's as messy as the sand!!" a third viewer exclaimed.

And in reply to one person that questioned whether or not the sock is necessary, Clutter said it's needed to contain the baby powder and make the process less messy.

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In other beach news, there's one seemingly obvious tip that many people forget: wear sunscreen.

According to a study conducted by CeraVe, not enough people use it.

Apparently, more than half of Americans admit to not wearing sunscreen even when they're outside, despite the action having harsh consequences.

"Sunscreen is one of the holy grails of skincare for all skin types and tones, regardless of the weather or how much time is spent outside,” board-certified dermatologist Dr. DiAnne Davis noted.

According to Everyday Health, refraining from using sunscreen on a routine basis can speed up the formation of wrinkles in the skin, cause sunspots, and of course, gives no protection against sun-caused skin cancer.

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