I have a jiggly belly and back rolls… trolls come after me saying I don’t look like woman but I couldn’t care less | The Sun

A BODY positivity influencer has hit back at the meanies who reckon she doesn't look like a woman due to her natural curves.

TikTok user Sienna, from New Zealand, shared the response and reminded that human bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

According to the 19-year-old, who posted the uplifting video on TikTok, she is often told that her ''stomach fat and back rolls aren't feminine''.

Not one to be bothered by such rude and unnecessary remarks, the brunette not only proved that these are completely natural features – but even proudly showed her belly.

Posing with low-rise jeans and a teeny crop top, Sienna could be seen jiggling her soft stomach and playing with it.

For those who reckoned the back rolls were too much, the young woman also twisted and turned to give the trolls a better glimpse of her figure.

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''I'm feminine,'' Sienna sang along to the hit Woman by the American music sensation, Doja Cat.

She went on the caption, writing: ''Just some of the things that make us human.''

Needless to say, the clip soon racked up close to 19k likes, as dozens flocked to comments to praise Sienna for the message.

''Lil tummy and rolls are literally gifts of god man yall better stop hating on ur fine selfs [sic],'' a fan said.

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Someone else reminded: ''Yessss Also pretty much everyone with an hour glass figure has back rolls because of fat and muscle distribution.''

''Omg you look stunning !you’ve made me feel so good about mine,'' another with a similar body shape thanked the 19-year-old content creator.


''I‘m literally crying. I have the same body as you and yesterday I cried because I didn’t found any trousers. THANK YOU GIRL,'' a fourth penned.

Sienna, who posts under the username @notsiennadayyy, regularly posts uplifting clips on her platform where she has won over 15k followers.

One of her latest videos, for instance, reminded that a number of things that we deem as 'flaws' are totally okay – and should be embraced.

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