I have big boobs – old people get 'offended' when anyone over a C-cup wears a crop top, but I don’t care | The Sun

ONE big-boobed woman has shown utter disregard for other people's harsh expectations of her style.

She doesn't care that older individuals tend to get "offended" when women with over-C-cup boobs wear tiny tops.

Emily Laukim (@emilylaukim) posted a video to emphasize her disinterest in adhering to the wishes of judgmental people.

The midsize creator started in an oversized gray sweater with a V-cut neckline.

Her chest was concealed, but not because she wanted it to be.

"Old people seeing anyone over a C-cup wearing a normal crop top," her caption read.

Emily pretended to be an older critic, looking at a woman exposing her big boobs.

She mouthed the words to the video's sound: "Take it off!"

Emily switched back to herself and chucked the sweater to the side.

The fashion lover sported a gray low-cut gray camisole that revealed her cleavage.

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She held a stern expression as she said: "I would rather die.

"Literally cannot wear any shirt without getting disapproving looks from the old people."

Viewers related to Emily's experiences and commented to share their own.

One woman admitted her mother was the one who always judged her top choice.

Another viewer wrote: "I worked at a cafe and I was literally left complaints for my 'inappropriate outfit.' I wore a tank top in 86-degree weather."

"I can't wear anything without getting death glares from my mom or strangers," an honest woman said.

"How dare we have the audacity to wear a shirts," one follower joked.

One big-boobed woman noted: "An old woman literally yelled 'shame' at me the other day."

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