I have telepathic twins – it's amazing how well they know each other but cruel trolls say I stage it to make them famous | The Sun

A MUM of twins has shown off just how amazing their telepathic abilities are – but people are accusing the phenomenon of being staged.

Adrea Garza is a proud mum-of-two that regularly posts updates on her tots to her 3.7 million Tik Tok followers.

In a recent video, she tested six-year-old twins Haven and Koti by getting them to choose different coloured lego blocks on instinct.

She used a plastic block to separate them so that each twin couldn’t see what the other one was choosing.

Amazingly, they chose the exact same coloured block after each countdown.

The 38-year-old mum can be heard whispering “oh my God” and cheering behind the camera.

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She added in the caption that she was “shook” by the results of her experiment.

However, trolls have accused Adrea – from Oklahoma, US – of staging the video.

They have theorised that there is a “pattern” in the colour blocks chosen or that there is a piece of paper behind the camera telling them what colour to choose after each countdown. 

One critic said: “It’s literally a pattern. 

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“White, pink, pink, blue, yellow. 

“When mom says ‘let’s do it again’, the pattern starts over.”

Another weighed in: “The mom told the girls which colour to pick up before she even started recording.

“The girl that has her eyes closed has a better memory than her sister.”

Some people were convinced by the phenomenon and jumped into the comments to support Adrea and her tots, assuring that twin telepathy is a real thing. 

One said: “My dad is an identical twin and we drove six hours to my uncle's house and they were wearing the same outfit. 

“Twin telepathy is real!”

A fellow twin explained: “As an identical twin, I believe this. 

“Every time I’m feeling off or weird, I usually call my twin and something is up.”

Another twin weighed in: “Growing up my twin was non-verbal and I always knew what he wanted even though he never spoke. 

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“I was my mum’s translator basically.”

Other telepathy tests Adrea has conducted are getting the twins to choose a number from one to five at the same time and rock, paper, scissors. 

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