I haven’t shaved my armpits for years – trolls say I’m lazy but I like the attention | The Sun

WHEN was the last time you shaved your armpits? 

Hairy women aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but an American TikTok star loves flaunting the natural look, no matter what trolls call her. 

Aimee – who calls herself itsaimeeinghigher on social media – posts countless videos of her fuzzy armpits and proudly shows them off in public. 

In one of her many videos, she confessed: “I stopped shaving these bad boys years ago because I couldn’t be f’d with it and apparently they can also get me good dosh.” 

Aimee was responding to a rude troll who took it upon themselves to share their disgust on her platform. 

The beauty shared the rude comment, which read: “That’s a no. It’s just laziness and you only do it for the attention it gets you.”

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In response to the jibe, Aimee replied: “Attention is good. Thank you for helping, oh and exposure of natural women on social media is educational and important.” 

Aimee’s clip shows her sitting on the edge of her bed, wearing a brown crop top and a belly button ring.

Her long brown beachy locks flow behind her back. 

Aimee lifts her arm up to her head and poses while showing off her fuzzy armpits.

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Using a popular voice over, Aimee mimes the words: “You got me there, but that’s not a crime.”

Aimee has an impressive 309,000 followers on her TikTok channel and has amassed a whopping 2.9million likes.

It’s all thanks to her body positive videos. She’s posted hundreds of clips of herself in swimwear and revealing outfits, showing off every bit of her natural body hair. 

Ruthless trolls don’t shy away from commenting on Aimee’s videos. 

One mean user replied: “Desperate for attention.”

But there’s plenty more kind folk out there. 

People think Aimee’s absolutely gorgeous and aren’t ashamed of saying how they feel.

One follower replied: “You’re beautiful inside and out, please keep posting.”

A second agreed: “That’s not a crime. That’s your body, you can do whatever you want.”

And a third commented: “I think you’re beautiful and you’re natural. It’s your choice and your body. Be who you want to be.”

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