I let my daughter, 11, get super sharp acrylic false nails – I know other parents will troll me, I simply don’t care | The Sun

MUM-of-two Roxy Jacenko is no stranger to spoiling her kids, Pixie, 11, and Hunter, eight.

But the Aussie mum left viewers stunned when she posted a snap of her daughter with fake acrylic nails.

Roxy, who is a PR guru, and her banker husband Oliver are known for treating their kids to the finer things in life.

And that includes pricey beauty products and fake nails.

The mum shared a sweet snap on Instagram, where Pixie can be seen smiling in the post with her brother as she shows off her long white nails, complete with one gem on the ring finger.

She captioned the post "Dinner dates, and yes, she has those unacceptable acrylics on for the holidays before you tell me."


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Poking fun at people who think it's 'unacceptable' for her daughter tohave fake nails, the mum seemed unbothered by trolls.

Although it seems the fake nails are just for the festive season, other parents loved them too.

One wrote: "She just wants to be strong and powerful like her mum, you do you gorgeous"

And a second commented: "My eight-year-old has the 'unacceptable' fake nails too!

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This isn't the first time Pixie has has a full manicure though, as she also shared a picture of pointy acrylic nails last year when she was 10-years-old.

Hitting back at the haters, Roxy wrote: "While some media outlets and Instagram critics are in a flap over Pixie’s holiday nails – we will just carry on doing our thing."

Pixie isn't like most kids her age thanks to starting her own business in 2021, which quickly made her a millionaire.

Now the young entrepreneur has a designer wardrobe worth £45,000, a £43,000 Mercedes-Benz' and loads of other luxuries – so it's no surprise that she also has posh fake nails.

Speaking to Fabulous Roxy previously explained: " She’s also experienced bullying, like when I shared her Christmas wish list on Instagram.

"She’d asked for an expensive skin cream and people were saying she was a spoiled monster.

"I reassured her that they were just jealous and to pay them no attention."

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