I look so young people can’t believe I have a son – he’s even been mistaken for my boyfriend

A WOMAN who looks significantly younger than her 29 years has frequently been mistaken for her son's sister – and even his girlfriend.

Amber Setema took to TikTok to share a video of herself and her 11-year-old son, as she responded to someone calling him her "brother".

"When people on TikTok think you're siblings," she wrote.

In the video, Amber showcased her flawless complexion as she went make-up free, and her slim figure in an oversized T-shirt and shorts.

And the comments section was once again flooded by comments from people unable to believe that they were mother and son.

"I thought u we’re gonna say u were dating I can’t," one person wrote.

A stunned Amber replied: "omg, please no – wth (what the hell)."

But they weren't the only person to think that, with another commenting: "I thought they were dating instead and she was also a teenager."

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"Are you boyfriend and girlfriend?" someone else asked.

While another wrote: "Though they were in a relationship, then later thought they were best friends.

"Was going through the highest level of confusion."

However, others praised Amber for her youthful appearance, with one writing: "ok we need an age reveal bc mama you look good."

"Thanks lovely, I’m 29, turning 30 in August," she responded.

"WHAT you look 15 there’s no way you are 29 lollll you are stunning btw," another person wrote.

Someone else asked Amber how old she was when she had her son, to which she replied: "I was 18 when I had him. Very young!"

"Gurrrrl I thought you were going to say 14 because you look 24?" they answered.

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