I lost half my body weight and now I'm so pretty I don't have to pay for anything

A WOMAN who lost half of her body weight has revealed that she constantly gets freebies because she’s so ‘pretty.’

Kelsey took to TikTok where she revealed that she had slimmed down from 18st to nine stone thanks to her hard work and fitness regime.


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And ever since she’s lost weight, Kelsey has noticed the benefits of ‘pretty privilege’ which she shared in a now viral video.

Speaking in the video, she said: “Let’s talk about it (pretty privilege) because it needs to be talked about.

“A few years ago I looked like this, now I look like this and that has given me the power to experience both the best and worst that pretty privilege has to offer.

“It’s little subtle things that you won’t actually notice such as not being charged for that extra drink or dessert at a restaurant.

“Having someone offer to put the air in your tires rather than see you struggle doing it.

“You can tell me ‘oh my God Kelsey, maybe people are just good or just doing a good deed’ 

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“OK I’m with you, they're doing a good deed but why didn’t they do that good deed when I was 257lbs huh? 

“Why, all of a sudden, did all these good deeds start happening to me the moment I look like this? 

“Because I went from one good deed happening to me in a year to ten of them happening to me in a week, that’s not a coincidence, I’m sorry.”

Her video has since received almost five million views and thousands of comments from people who admitted they had experienced the same treatment.

One wrote: “I hear you girl, people are so much nicer when you’re prettier.”

“I’ve lost almost 140lbs and have experienced the exact same thing,” added another, while a third commented, “I can tell you pretty privilege is real.”


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