I made an entire Sunday roast in the Air Fryer – it was perfect, even the spuds were top-notch | The Sun

A KEEN home cook has shared how she decided to jump on the latest kitchen trend of cooking an entire Sunday roast in her Air Fryer. 

The result? She couldn’t believe how “delicious” the meal tasted, and to make matters even better, she said it only took her 15 minutes from start to finish. 

Hari Beavis, who describes herself as a “happy foodie”, got the idea after seeing other people attempt their roasts – and even Christmas dinners – in the kitchen gadget.  

So the influencer, who has amassed a whopping 432k followers on her TikTok account @haribeavis, filmed herself making the meal, giving everyone a step-by-step tutorial. 

And she was happy to report that it went without a hitch and gave her the perfect Sunday dinner, complete with tasty roast potatoes. 

Hari explained: “I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet but I took cooking in an Air Fryer to a whole new level on the weekend and cooked our roast dinner in 15 minutes.”

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She went on to say: “It’s ideal because Sundays are all about lazy cooking and I didn’t have to do anything.”

Showing her easy method, Hari placed her chosen veg and cut up potatoes in the bottom of her Ninja Air Fryer.  

Hari explained: “I literally threw the spuds and the carrots in there and added water and seasoning.”

She then put some cauliflower on the other side of the tray, and revealed her secret ingredients to make it taste better than ever. 

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Hari continued: “I popped some cauliflower in a little parcel and poured over double cream and then sprinkled on some cheese 

She then said that her Air Fryer has a couple of different levels, which is super handy when rustling up a roast, as it means different things can go on different levels. 

Hari continued that she had put the next level directly on top of her potatoes and veg so that she could “rest her chicken on it”.

In this case, Hari chose to cook two large chicken breasts that she went on to season.

She then cooked them on the rapid cooker setting, which gave her a “delicious roast dinner ready in 15 minutes.”

Hari went on to say that “you can actually cook an entire roast chicken” but she’d chosen the breasts on this occasion as a practice run.

After plating the meal up, she tucked into it, getting a bit of each flavour as she did and giving her followers a glimpse of her culinary creation.

The foodie added: “Come on, you’ve got to be impressed!”

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She ended the video by saying: “The perfect way to spend a Sunday with quick and easy food that tastes delicious and makes you all warm inside.”

Hari added that it had also set her up for the new week ahead and was the perfect close to her weekend. 

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