I only just realised I have been peeling my vegetables all wrong – there's a right way to use a peeler & it's so obvious | The Sun

WHEN it comes to kitchen tasks, peeling vegetables isn’t too tricky of a job – right?

But it turns out that we may have been doing it all wrong these years.

TikTok user Claire Banayad uploaded a video saying her mind was blown after discovering a new way of taking the skin off her veg.

She explained that instead of peeling down her carrots or cucumbers in the same direction – you shouldn’t remove the peeler.

On her @clairebanayad account, she said: “Guys, I was today years old when I found out you can actually peel both ways.”

Demonstrating peeling in the same downward direction, she added: “I used to just do that.

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“But look at this, oh my god, why didn’t anybody tell me about this.

“Far out.”

She then showed going up and down with her peeler in a smooth motion.

Claire added: “Why did I just learn this now that I’m 30?”

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Her “game-changing” video has clearly caused a reaction online, as it has racked up 410,000 likes on TikTok.

One person said: “*runs to kitchen and starts peeling veggies and fruits after seeing this vid*”

Another added: “whattttt?? omg!! i'm sooo innocent. i only do one way. super thanks to you!”

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However, some people said they have known about this method for years.

A third commented: “I know about this.”

Meanwhile, a TikTok user wrote: “I think it depends upon the peeler.”

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