I ordered a McDonald's after finishing a 12 hour shift – but my delivery driver ruined my downtime with creepy messages

AFTER a long hard day, we love nothing more than curling up on the sofa with our favourite takeaway and binge-watching some trashy TV.

Although we're always grateful to our delivery driver for getting our food from A to B, let's be honest – we're not really in the mood to chat when we're that dangerous combination of hungry and grumpy.

So after completing a 12-hour shift on an A&E ward earlier this month, TikToker Justine had more reason than most to be looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet when she got home.

In a viral video that's racked up over one MILLION views, the nurse explained how she ordered a McDonald's breakfast from Uber Eats as she got off work.

When the driver arrived at her home, Justine said he was "talking too much" – but after entertaining him for a bit, she then shut down the conversation by telling him she had to go to sleep soon.

"He then messaged me on the app," she said. "Just look because I'm speechless. I could scream."


Even though Justine told him she had a boyfriend, the driver insisted on knowing how long they'd been together and said he wanted her to keep his number in case she wanted to go out with him "one day".

He then backtracked and said: "I don't have a chance."

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She claimed: "He kept calling me from different mobile numbers and he was lingering outside my flat and I live on my own."

When the app asked Justine to rate her experience, she hoped that would stop him from messaging her – but instead claims he started calling her instead.

She continued: "Not only does this man have my mobile number now, he has my address!"

In a follow-up video, Justine explained she reported the driver on Uber Eats – who explained how they would look into it for her.

Not only does this man have my mobile number now, he has my address!

Needless to say, Justine's video left viewers stunned.

One woman commented: "I have a male name on my app, might help make the boyfriend idea more real. Unfortunate but helpful."

Another added: "I got a delivery driver sacked for something like this – he kept asking me out on a date and tried to stop me shutting the door."

Meanwhile, a third said: "I had a food delivery driver visit me the next day to ‘check I was ok’. I don’t order takeout when I’m alone anymore."

Fabulous has contacted Uber Eats for comment.

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