I ordered a unique wedding dress for £36 but what arrived was so bad I could only laugh

FOR £36, she knew it was unlikely she'd found her dream wedding dress.

But still, Lilly was hoping for something slightly better than what actually arrived.

"I ordered a cheap dress that took three months (to arrive) and after I got it they deleted the website," Lily wrote, over an image of the dress as it was advertised on the Sodaclubs website.

The picture showed a black leotard with floral details across the bust, with a long trail attached to the hips.

"I thought it might be bad but not this bad," she added.

The camera then flashed to Lilly modelling the dress she was sent – which looked completely different to what was advertised.

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Lilly's gown featured a black leotard with a cream top and a voile train, more akin to a dance costume to a wedding dress.

"yeah so f*ck soda club if they ever appear again you should probs avoid," she captioned the video.

"Honestly I was thinking about wearing it to my WEDDING YIKES ON ME LMAO," she added in a pinned comment on the post.

"dude I almost ordered this dress," someone else commented.

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To which Lilly replied: "I’ll PAY YOU to take it lol."

"NO," another comment read, with Lilly responding: "I wish this was a joke but it’s my life. In real time. Real real."

"1- I hope you didn’t pay much for that and 2- I hope they do returns!" someone else added.

With Lilly replying: "Paid about $50, which again, didn’t think it would be perfect. But definitely didn’t think it would be THIS BAD.

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