I ordered my favourite food in a restaurant but the waiter swapped my order because he wanted to 'protect' my figure

A WOMAN was left horrified after a waiter swapped her order because he wanted to “protect her slim figure.”

Taking to Reddit the diner explained that she had ordered a tasty dish at a local Mexican restaurant but was baffled when something completely different showed up.

In her post, she wrote: “I love chicken, I think it is delicious. But it is NOT what I ordered. 

“I ordered a pork taco salad at this Mexican restaurant. When the food came out I realized that it was CHICKEN, not pork.”

Assuming that there had been an honest mistake, the woman flagged down her waiter to point out that her order was wrong.

She said: “His response was winking at me and telling me he gave me the chicken instead because he wanted to help protect my slim figure. 

“From his expression you could tell he expected me to thank him for being considerate.”

The diner then spoke to the female manager who had no qualms or swapping her salad for pork instead.

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Fellow Redditors were left outraged by the waiter’s behaviour, with many agreeing that he should have been fired.

Commenting on the thread, one said: “I hope that guy got fired. Clearly he's not capable of doing his job.”

“What kind of bizarre entitlement does this kind of action require?” added another, while a third wrote, “I would've gone ballistic.”

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