I ordered my wedding dress six months in advance but then it didn’t fit… so I made a new one two weeks before my big day | The Sun

AS any bride will know, you have to order your dress months in advance of your big day.

But despite the fact she ordered hers six months before her nuptials, Andrea Helfrich Presta was left fuming when it arrived and didn't fit.

However, instead of putting herself through the stress of trying to find another dress two weeks before the wedding, she decided to make her perfect dress herself.

"This is the unbelievable but true story of how we made my wedding dress 14 days before my wedding," Andrea began her video on TikTok.

"What you’re looking at is not it, that’s the one that didn’t fit me that I ordered six months in advance.

"So I drove myself to New York and I went to Fabric Row and I was like, ‘I’m gonna pick out fabric and we’re gonna make a dress!’

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"If you’re getting married you know stress is high, and I think I just had a fever, because this was not a good idea.

"But here we are!"

She went to seven different fabric shops to pick out the perfect material to match her skintone, because she wanted a "long-sleeved dress with an open back illusion".

Andrea then left New York and headed back to her home city of Philadelphia, where she visited her "goddess" seamstress and showed her the fabric she'd chosen.

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While the seamstress liked the material, Andrea had unknowingly given herself more work, as she had to cut every bit of applique out.

She enlisted the help of her mum, mother in law, maid of honour and her mum to help, and they managed to cut the applique off of 17 yards of fabric in 22 hours.

The seamstress then started sewing the flowers onto the net, but "took it down to the wire".

"This is 11 o clock the night before my wedding," she said of a picture of herself looking exhausted.

"We’re putting a little flower here, a little flower there.

"I must have tried this thing on 15 times and let me tell you, getting a wedding dress of any sort on and off is just not easy.

"But it was coming such a long way."

However, the problems didn't stop there, as Andrea developed a "crazy rash" on her neck, so they had to stick double sided tape from her dress to her skin.

But in the end, it all worked out.

"Here’s the final result – it turned out amazing and I have a crazy story and wouldn’t trade it," she said.

"Wow the talent of everyone involved! Your dress looked perfect," one person commented on the video.

"Thank you so much," Andrea replied.

"It took a village. I got married in a dress made with so much love."

"Turned out amazing, you’re crazy brave I would’ve brought a new one, but you killed it," another added.

To which Andrea wrote: "You’re so sweet.

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