I packed size 1 nappies & newborn clothes in my hospital bag but my baby was so chubby she had nothing to wear | The Sun

PACKING a bag ready to give birth to your baby is one of the most exciting moments in pregnancy.

Expectant parents get themselves organised weeks before their little one is due, packing everything from nappies to newborn outfits, cute booties and milk bottles. 

We’ll do everything we can possibly do to prepare to give birth, but there’s something we can’t control – the size of the baby. 

One shocked mum found out the hard way after packing a whole bag of size 1 nappies and newborn clothing.

But she soon discovered that her baby was far too chubby for the lot. 

Beth Woods thought she’d nailed her preparation until her baby girl was born and had nothing to wear. 

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The smitten mum loves sharing snippets of her life with her little ones on TikTok, and has gained almost 15,000 followers who watch her relatable content. 

She captioned a recent clip: “When you have no idea what size your baby is gonna be.” 

Beth wears a pair of dark sunglasses and leans her chin on her hand as text reads: “Me packing size 1 nappies and newborn clothes in my hospital bag.” 

She then turns to the camera and readjusts her sunglasses with an unimpressed look on her face.

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The video skips to footage of her newborn baby wrapped in a soft cream blanket with a dummy in her mouth. 

Beth types: “My chunk going straight to size 2 and 0-3 month clothes…” 

Viewers can see that her baby girl has the sweetest chubby cheeks popping out of the top of the blanket.

What we can’t see is what – if anything – she’s wearing underneath. 

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But Beth isn’t the only parent who has fallen victim to this experience, and hundreds commented with their reassuring stories. 

“Same here,” laughed Melissa Jane. “Had all newborn clothes and she was 9lb 3oz and straight into 0-3 months.”

A second mum replied: “My daughter was almost 2lb (1kg) heavier than her older brother was.

"I had bought a bunch of newborn clothes for her but they never fit.”

And a third shared their pain: “I took newborn 0-3 clothes. He ended up being 13lb, straight into 3-6.”

But some mums had to deal with the opposite issue. 

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“I had gestational diabetes so was expecting a large baby. But I had a 3lb 8oz instead and I had no newborn clothes,” one exclaimed.

And another recalled: “Same but everything was too big! I had to get my mum and auntie to rush out getting tiny baby clothes and size 0s.”

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