I quit my office job and now I live in my car – it might be small but it's so cheap, I love it | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she lives in her tiny car and although it might be small, it’s cheap and she loves it.

Monica Maragos has lived in her Toyota Camry since May 2022 and confirmed that she quit her 9-5 office job to pursue her life on the road. 

Posting on TikTok, Monica gave her followers a look around her tiny home on wheels. 

She said: “Tour of my car after living in it for one year.”

She explained that she took out the backseats and added a tri-fold mattress as a makeshift bed. 

Her shoes and backpack sat in the footwell, along with a bag of random toiletries.

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She also had a plastic container in the back, full of clothes and a suitcase squeezed behind the chair.

Not only this but she also had a coolbox in the back too.

Monica explained that she used the middle part of the car for storage, where she stores her laundry detergent, batteries, a fan and blankets.

She said: “I’m glad I started vehicle living as minimal as you can go.

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“Originally I had always planned to get a van and pay off my car before leaving Florida.

“But I was tired of waiting and thought… ‘I might as well try it with what I have, screw a power station, fridge or heater or anything else. I’ll save my money for food and gas to prolong the journey. If I don’t love it for the experience itself, I probably won’t love it with a bigger rig and all the gadgets that make life on the road somewhat more comfortable.’

“So here we are a year and 22k miles later.

“I’ve slept in it approximately 300-315 nights these past 12 months.” 

Monica then added: “I can safely say it’s absolutely possible to pack everything you own into a small car, and thrive travelling out of it.

“You can cook good food still, stay warm/cool, stay clean.

“Everything just takes a lot more time and patience.

“I definitely want a van or something bigger in the next year.

“But I am so incredibly pleased I started out in a car, making it work and figuring out how to flourish living this way.

“It strengthened the confidence and trust I have in myself that I’ll never settle for a life I’m not thrilled to live, while simultaneously making the best of whatever I’m handed.”

At the time of writing, Monica’s clip was posted just one day prior, but had already racked up a whopping 613.6k views.

It had 14.4k likes, 203 comments and 83 shares.

But social media users were left divided at Monica’s unique lifestyle – while some thought her car was far too small to live in, others thought it was a great idea. 

One person said: “My claustrophobia could never.”

Another added: “Geez I couldn’t do it with that amount of room but props to you.” 

A third commented: “Why? Just why?”

However, someone else noted: “This is awesome.” 

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Another chimed in: “Amazing.”

Whilst one user admitted: “I love this.”

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