I refuse to send my daughter to childcare because they feed her terrible food and hugging is considered abuse

A MUM has revealed how she refuses to send her daughter to childcare as the standards are so low.

TikTok user Des, who posts under @olddavenportfam, uploaded a video on why she won’t work and wants to look after her daughter at home instead. 

She wrote: “Reasons why I refuse to go to work and put my daughter into childcare…after working in that industry.

“You are not allowed to tickle or give much affection (as in hugs). It’s abuse.

“You’re not allowed to pick what your child eats. They feed them c**p food.

“They don’t allow time for them to be kids. Very strict on ‘playing’.

“Incident reports are not always reported. Lots of confusion.”

She added that she could “go on about things.”

The cost of childcare expenses are also a growing problem for many parents in the UK.

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