I rifled through bins on the street – there were unlimited egg cups and pastries… I’ll be eating for free for weeks | The Sun

AN EXPERT dumpster diver was shocked to find thousands of coffee beans, countless pastries and hundreds of unused cups left outside a closed Starbucks store.

Eco-warrior Anna Sacks self-styles as “the trash walker” and regularly unearths food and products discarded by major brands that are still good for use.

On a stroll, she noticed a mountain of bin bags outside a newly-closed Starbucks and was taken aback by the amount of waste inside. 

“This used to be a Starbucks on the Upper West Side,” she said. “It’s closed, my spidey trash senses were tingling.”

The Upper West Side is a neighbourhood in affluent Manhattan, New York City. 

Anna’s first dive into the bags saw her find egg bites and endless coffee beans.

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“It is deep, wow,” she said as she ran her hands through the beans. 

Her next dive was into a black bag full of the coffee shop’s iconic white cups for hot drinks. 

“This is why I think we need to have legislation for stores’ closing protocol,” she said. “Because this entire trash bag shouldn’t happen.”

Anna then unearthed another bin bag full of clear plastic cups. 

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Among the rubbish was also hundreds of stirrers, “a million napkins”, cup lids and unloaded gift cards. 

Discarded food and drink included green tea, pastries in plastic wrapping, brownies, cake loafs and cereal bars.

Anna made the most of her “dumpster dive” by “loading up on coffee” and taking home egg cups to feed her for breakfast for a few days.

She shared her findings on TikTok but people were far from impressed at how much had been wasted by the coffee giant. 

“This is shocking,” someone commented. “Couldn't another Starbucks store that's probably three blocks away use those cups and stuff?”

“I’d literally bring every bag home,” a second quipped.

“Oh,” a third penned. “I let out a massive gasp when I saw them coffee beans.”

Ex-Starbucks workers also weighed in on the waste they had seen during their stint as baristas. 

“I worked at Starbucks,” one claimed. “We weren’t allowed to take leftovers to give to homeless people or shelters and we got fired for taking it for ourselves.”

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“I used to work at a Starbucks,” another added. “We would toss SO MUCH food in the trash at the end of day. 

“I would take as much as I could home because it was insane.”

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