I saved up all my money to live alone in a cabin in the woods – it was a spur of the moment decision… but SO worth it | The Sun

A WOMAN who saved up all her money to go and live on her own in a cabin in the woods says the move was definitely worth it.

YouTube star and influencer Hannah Duggan took to the social media site to tell her 940,000 subscribers about her lifestyle.

Hannah told her followers that she had sunk all her savings into buying the property in Minnesota on what had been a little more than a whim.

She said: “I’m a landowner. It’s taken a couple of months to finalise. I’m not going to lie it was kind of a last-minute decision.”

“This is officially mine,” she said. “I own 15 acres. Two rustic cabins.”

“I started this like I start most things. As with my van, I get an idea in my head and then a week later I have a van. This (the cabin) was like that.”

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Hannah got in touch with an estate agent who took her on a tour and luckily this was the first place they went to and she fell in love with the place at first sight.

She said it had taken a “couple of months” to get everything finalised, including the loan application and the “whole process of getting approval”.

While she said there had been a “couple of hiccups” along the way everything had been sorted out and the place was hers.

Now, the arduous task of sorting everything out and making it habitable and clean had begun.

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Despite everything, including living alone in the middle of the woods, she was loving it.

Hannah said: “But if you know me, I like projects and I like cleaning so I’m having a helluva time. This is a new chapter.”

She also explained how she could afford it all.

In the past she had been paying £587 ($750) a month for a one-bedroom apartment for five years.

While she admitted she’d had to “build up credit” to get the loan she had made a down payment of was £9,160 ($11,700), making the monthly payments £290 ($370) having locked in the interest rate at 3.6 per cent.

Hannah said: “That’s insanity… I was renting a one-bedroom apartment and now I have 15 acres and two cabins – and my own space.”

As for modern amenities and comforts she said that while there was some power that had to be sorted out and there was a well on the property for fresh water.

As for heat, there’s a large wood-burning stove and the kitchen was supplied by gas canisters at the back of the cabin.

There wasn’t an inside toilet though but there is an out-house.

The kitchen also needed some attention as part of the floor had “slumped” and was at an incline.

Hannah also said she was planning to turn one of the cabins into a workshop and  “creative area” as well as a guesthouse.

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She added: “I’m very excited, lots of possibilities. There’s a lot going on in my head. I am so excited.

“I don’t know what my life is coming to but I’m super excited about it.”

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