I spent loads on filler & thought I’d lose my lips – no one’s ever seen bruising so bad | The Sun

GETTING lip filler was an exciting time for one young lady, but the aftermath was worse than she ever imagined. 

Los Angeles-based Janz decided to treat herself to lip filler and documented her recovery online.

The self-confessed ‘dog mom’ posted a video of her experience on TikTok and almost a million people have watched it so far. 

From day one to day 15, Janz’s lips go through a wild healing process as she experiences crusting and heavy bruising that she admits left her very worried. 

Janz captioned her post: “I wanted to document my first time healing process day by day of lip filler. I hit my 2 week mark. I will post a before, and after video at some point. I am loving them so far, and I am happy I did it.”

The clip begins right after her appointment.

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“I’m so glad I’m not in my hometown right now because people would be making fun of me,” she exclaims, zooming in on her face to reveal her angry red lips.

“This is day one and right now I feel like this is too huge and it feels weird to talk, too.”

The video cuts to day two, and Janz’s lips are covered in red and purple bruises. 

By day six, the bruising is still visible and Janz confesses she’s very concerned.

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“I got very worried today and I had to get my lady because I noticed some bruising in a yellow colour and they were really crusty,” she explains.

“I was like oh no, I’m losing blood flow to my lips, I’m going to lose my lips. But she said they looked fine and it’s all part of the healing process.”

By the end of her 15 day time lapse, Janz’s lips were fully healed and perfectly plump. 

She’s reassured others that if they notice lots of red, purple or yellow bruising after having filler they shouldn’t worry – it’s all normal. 

While Janz’s worries were calmed, her followers were quick to share their horrified reactions to her bruised lips. 

“The lips are a stunning shape,” gushed one user. “I’ve been having filler for six years now and have NEVER had or seen bruising that bad before.”

“They look so good, but I've never seen bruising like that!” confessed a second.

“I've had my lips done a few times now and I've never had such bad bruises and for so long,” agreed a third.

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