I surprised my man by putting a positive pregnancy test in his waffles – he's disgusted, I don't understand why

HOW did you tell your other half you were pregnant? Maybe it was over text because you couldn't contain your excitement, or you had time to present them with a babygrow.

That said, one woman decided to make the moment extra special for her partner by hiding the positive pregnancy test somewhere she knew he'd find it.

But rather than opting for something like a sock drawer or coat pocket, the mum-to-be thought she'd give him the surprise of his life by placing it in his WAFFLES. *shivers*

Documenting the whole interaction on her phone, the mum admitted that it didn't quite go down like she had hoped.

The video – which was posted on TikTok – opens with the man asking why they were so "f***ng hard" to cut into.

Once he made it to the second waffle, the dad-to-be discovered the pink pregnancy that had been placed underneath it – and let's just say, his first reaction wasn't quite so joyous.


Confused about what was going on, he asked: "What the f*** is that?! What is that?"

Without giving anything away, his partner replied: "What does it look like?"

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As he questioned what it was doing in his food, the woman filming said it was a pregnancy test.

When he asked if she was pregnant, the mum-to-be replied: "Baby yes, I wanted to surprise you."

He added: "Why did you mess up my food with that? There's p*** on there!"

Even though she insisted it was a different type of test, the man continued: "I know it's p*** that goes in there though!"

After she argued that he'd "ruined" the moment, the dad-to-be said: "You ruined my food!" Awks.

The video was then posted on Reddit where viewers cringed over the whole interaction.

One replied: "The pain of recording this and then deciding to post it.. whew."

Another added: "Nasty AF. How did she think this was a good idea?"

Meanwhile, a third said: "He’ll never trust a meal again."

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