I teach clueless blokes how to do basic chores, it gets them in their wives’ good books & it’s made me a mint too

IN many families the majority of housework is typically done by the woman of the house with many blokes left clueless about what to do.

Which is why Velvet Garvey, a working mum from Queensland, Australia,decided to teach men a thing or two about daily chores by offering online tutorials.

The Aussie mum has set up an online training platform called, Train My Mate,which teaches men the "basics" when it comes to chores.

Made up of short 15-minute videos led by her husband Sam Chapman, the first lesson teaches blokes how to do laundry – including “everything from collecting dirty washing, to washing, to drying”.

She explained: “It’s a training platform that teaches men how to do housework.

“I came up with the concept of Train My Mate to be a male space, to be a place where men can go to teach each other and to brainstorm and problem solve."

The Aussie mum admitted she was never the domesticated type, and often struggled with her own housework.

It wasn't until she was home all the time after having her first child that she realised just how much there was to do.

“I hadn’t given housework much thought, to be honest,” Velvet confessed to 7NEWS.

“I didn’t know how to do very simple things. I felt like that traditional man in my relationship.”

But desperate to up her cleaning game,she jumped online to learn how best to tackle basic household duties herself.

In doing so, she'd discovered that as many as 75 per cent of women have been “turned off” their partners over their lack of domestication, Kidspot reports.

“In doing that, I did upskill myself,” she said, “but it did make me wonder, how do men learn these skills?”

She continued: "It’s clear from the data and conversations with women, housework is an issue in a lot of relationships."

“But what I found is it runs deeper than the occasional argument. Women are actually falling out of love with their partners.”

Admitting that this fact really shocked her, Velvet believes the issue has worsened during lockdown and beyond as a result of couples and families being indoors more than usual.

After looking into the idea a little more, the Aussie mum concluded that the woman in a man's life, such as his mother or wife,is often expected to teach them such skills

Velvet is hopeful her course could help some stressed out marriages by offering a simple solution to a common problem.

 “If anybody’s having friction, if they’re having regular fights about housework, it is so much easier to take a 15-minute course and just get on and do that housework, than to argue about it," she said.

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