I tested iced lattes from popular high street shops to see which was the best – the results were literally insane | The Sun

ICED lattes are popular with many and a great way to get your caffeine fix on a hot day – and there's no shortage of places to buy one.

But which high-street eatery serves the best one?

One woman decided to test out the iced coffees from five different stores, and shared the surprising results online for others to see.

"We're going to start with the Pret iced latte," Emily began.

And despite admitting she's a "huge Pret fan", she gave their offering- which set her back £3.75 – just 7 out of 10.

Next up was Costa's £4.10 iced coffee, which Emily gave an 8 out of 10, as she said it was "a little bit less bitter than the Pret one".

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Thirdly, she tried Caffè Nero, which came in at £4.

"I've actually never tried a Caffè Nero coffee before, this is my first time," she said.

"Mmm, that is such a good coffee.

"This honestly tastes so good, I'd probably give it an 8 out of 10 as well."

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Arguably the biggest coffee chain – Starbucks was next.

It was also the most expensive of the bunch, at £4.25.

"It's good but it's a little bit too watery," Emily admitted.

"I don't know if the ice has melted again, I'd probably give this a seven out of 10."

Last on the list was McDonald's iced latte – the cheapest of the bunch at £2.79.

"I love this. It's literally insane, 9 out of 10," she grinned.

"What do they put in this?"

Lining up the coffees in order, she said: "This is literally insane. I don't know how McDonald's has won but it has.

"I honestly can't believe that McDonald's has won this."

Captioning her TikTok video, Emily wrote: "Someone pls count how many times I say iced latte.

"Also sorry if i offended anyone by picking mcdonalds as my fav HAHAHA."

People were quick to weigh in on the video, with some strongly disagreeing with Emily's analysis.

"The maccies one is the WORST!! costa 4 life," one wrote.

"McDonald’s iced latte doesn’t even have espresso in," another added.

"Maccies iced latte doesn’t even have any caffeine in," a third laughed.

But others were on Emily's side, with one writing: "Honestly agree with your order.

Which Iced Latte was the best?

Emily rated the Iced Lattes out of 10, and also revealed how much they cost.

  1. McDonald's, £2.79 – 9/10
  2. Costa, £4.10 – 8/10
  3. Caffe Nero, £4 – 8/10
  4. Starbucks, £4.25 – 7/10
  5. Pret, £3.75 – 7/10

"I'm a costa girlie at heart but maccies iced latte hits different."

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"McDonald’s is deffo best tasting," another agreed.

While a third commented: "McDonald’s has always been my personal favourite for fast-coffee."

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