I thought my man was cheating on me so made a sneaky change on his phone to catch him out and it worked a charm

A YOUNG mum has revealed the sneaky way she caught her man being unfaithful.

Abby Grace, 21, shared the simple hack on TikTok, where it's taken the internet by storm, racking up almost half a million of views since being uploaded.

According to the mum-of-one, this took place at some point during high-school, when she was ''crazy''.

Abby explained the audience that she had a suspicion her partner was cheating with a certain girl – but although he kept insisting this wasn't the case, she decided to trust her gut feeling.

One day, whilst her boyfriend had gone for a shower, Abby grabbed his phone and blocked the girl's number.


However, the trick didn't end there, as Abby also made sure to change her personal contact details on the phone to the girl's name – a sneaky hack which turned out to be crucial to the relationship between the two.

''He sent ''her'' a text later talking about how he wanted her to pick him from work for the next week so that they could sneaky link.''

After learning the truth, she said her boyfriend was left speechless: ''He couldn’t say anything because he was so ashamed.''

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Abby also revealed this she ended the relationship once her suspicions had been confirmed.

Amongst the viewers, many took it to the comments to express their opinion, like this person who said: ''to be honest. if you have to check their phone, you already know.''

''boss move!! you go girl!'' someone else added.

A fellow user wrote: ''Oh daymmmm that’s a good idea, why did I never think of that,'' adding, ''Saying that, was no need, I found her coming out of his home in the morning.''

But whilst some praised her and branded the trick ''genius'', not everyone thought the same, with one comment reading: ''you are already insecure by checking his phone.

''If he wanted to be with you then he would not be texting other girls.''

''I wouldn't even bother…she could have him,'' agreed another.

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