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A MOTHER has revealed that she took her family to an indoor theme park and not only was it super fun, but even better, it was free to get in.

Roxsanne, Jeff and their four sons took a trip to Babylon Park in Camden, London and were left beaming after their cheap day out.

Not only did the theme park have rides and arcade games, but there was also an epic soft play area too.

Roxsanne shared a clip on social media documenting their visit, as she posted a video with the caption ‘Do I need to tell you to save this one? This indoor theme park in London, is perfect for the whole family. Entry is free.’

The mum-of-four said: “Ok so here’s a place that’s perfect for the whole family and entry is free.

“It’s all indoors, they’ve got rides, arcade games and a soft play area.

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“It’s completely cashless – you have to purchase coin packs, they start from £10 and that gives you 96 coins.

“Rides start from 32 coins and games start from 12 coins.

“We actually found it quite reasonably priced.

“All six of us got to go on rides and games and we loved the fact that we could control how much we were going to spend from the very get go.

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“Another bonus is there’s no time limit – you can spend as much time as you want there.”

In the clip, we saw Roxsanne’s sons having a great time as they ran around and enjoyed the rides. 

Roxsanne continued: “Our boys loved it so we will definitely be back.

“It’s also nice and clean which is what I love when we’re going out with little ones.

“It’s called Babylon Park and it’s in Camden.”

Roxsanne’s TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @meetthesonsfamily, has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 634,900 views. 

It has 21.9k likes, 278 comments, 9,573 saves and 3,661 shares. 

Social media users were left stunned at the theme park and were eager to express this in the comments. 

One person said: “My kids loved it.”

Another added: “It’s quality, been loads of the times with the kids! £50 gets you a night out without having to travel to Southend for a ride, not bad and staff.” 

A third commented: “Amazing, I want to go here for my daughter's birthday.”

Meanwhile, another woman posted: “We were taken here by friends when visiting London. It was fantastic. My girls 8 and 5 loved it.”

Another TikTok user chimed in: “I went here with my nephew, it is fun i will say!”

At the same time, one parent claimed: “My kids love this place, but it really isn’t cheap if you want them to have a great time.”

Whilst another agreed: “I’ve been, it's very cool but wayyy too expensive.”

One user shared: “Omg entry free is [actually] so good.”

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Whilst another tagged a friend and said: “We need to goooo.”

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