I tried out Primark's new £8 chopstick curler on my long, thick hair – here's how it went | The Sun

SHE'S got masses of long, thick red hair.

So Emma wasn't sure how it would go when she bought Primark's new £8 chopstick curler to try on her fiery locks.

But she thought she'd give it a go, and documented her experiment in a video on her TikTok page.

"Today I’m going to be trying out the new Primark chopstick curling wand and it was £8," she began.

"I’m going to time this as well because I really do have long, thick hair."

A few minutes into the process, and Emma was already "absolutely loving" the results.

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"You literally just leave it on your hair for 10 seconds and then let go," she said, demonstrating on a piece of hair that quickly became a tight ringlet.

"I’m obsessed!"

Halfway through the curling process, Emma's stopwatch had reached an hour, but she pushed forward to do the other side.

Once she'd finished, she concealed the final look before saying: "I don’t even think you’re ready for this!"

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As she revealed her mane of tightly curled ringlets, she gushed: "Oh my god, I absolutely love it!

"And it took 1 hr and 59 minutes, and I think that’s really good.

"This is the end result. I absolutely love it and what a bargain – £8 from Primark."

Not only did the curls last well for Emma's night out, they also stayed in for the next day.

"I slept in it last night – it’s dropped a little bit but it’s still got volume," she said.

"I’m literally so impressed and I’m literally going to run to Primak now and buy all the other curlers!"

Her locks even looked night out ready on the third day, when she teased them into space buns.

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