I turned my bedroom into a pink palace by covering my walls & ceiling in fluffy carpet – people say it’s gross

A WOMAN obsessed with pink has shared the pink palace bedroom she designed, which features Barbie pink fluffy walls and ceilings.

Charlie Leanna Murphy, a model, and publisher from the US revealed the incredible transformation on her TikTok account, therealmrsmurphy, where videos have gone viral with over one million views.

Charlie showed off her brand new bedroom which she has transformed much of herself, including DIY projects such as using fluffy carpet on the walls and ceiling, using shag fabric as wallpaper, and making her doors entirely glittery.

In one video, Charlie reveals how she went about installing the fluffy walls after being inundated with questions from users who also wanted to give it a go.

She explained: "I did a really good bleach cleaning on my walls so that they were nice and sanitised.

"Then I started cutting the shag and stapling it down to the walls.

"I have installed them in sections so that I can pull them off and throw them in the washing machine to wash them or I can replace them with all new shag."

Not only is Charlie busy with decorating her entire home but she also has a multitude of business endeavors including her social media channels, her podcast, Custom Kulture and her business, Murphos.

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Whilst Charlie adores her bedroom, which she has completely redesigned by herself in DIY projects, some people have questioned how hygenic fluffy walls and ceilings are.

One user commented: "I know it smells weird in there, but it's still cute, the carpet will keep smells you won't notice."

Another user agreed, saying: "She's not wrong though."

But Charlie made it clear that she is often cleaning them and that she can easily replace the material if and when they need replacing.

Many users came to Charlie's defense, one wrote: "I’m sure if someone makes this much effort to make such a beautiful decor they clean it too, what idiots."

Another user wrote: "It’d be so easy to just vacuum the walls. Easy!"

To top it off Charlie has a bright pink handheld hoover that matches the walls and ceilings she can use to clean them.

The majority of people adored Charlie's creation, with many taking inspiration from her glittery doors and fluffy walls.

One wrote: "That is gorgeous and different I love it!"

"There’s no way this person's room smells bad, there’s just no way. This is a work of art!" Exclaimed another user.

A third person wrote: "How does it feel to LIVE MY DREAM. No but seriously it is so f*****g gorgeous I am obsessed I couldn't imagine the work that went into this."

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